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Are you looking to open up a new shift to increase availability but don't want to manage those hours or hire someone to manage an entire shift? Do you have a team of great people but want to increase availability at a lower cost? Instantly do both with our trained customer service staff.

If you have done everything in-house up until now, it can be a little worrying to hand off something like your customer service; however, there are major benefits you will experience with outsourcing, most importantly, customer service outsourcing can be one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make.

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Focus Your Resources

Your people are your most valuable resources in your business. What if you could keep your in-house staff focused and happy on other valuable functions in your business? Give them the room they need by offloading front line customer service duties and let our experienced teams handle them for you.

Reduce costs

Stop paying for training, equipment, HR issues, and other burdens. We deal with that for you efficiently and at a lower cost than you can achieve on your own.

Reduce stress levels

There will always be an unsatisfied customer. Whether they have a reason or not, it's just bound to happen. This is why customer service can be a stressful part of your business and negatively impact your company's culture. All it takes sometimes is one bad apple to ruin everyone's day.

Outsourcing your customer service will give you and your staff the extra peace of mind needed to reduce everyone's stress. At BBC Global, we know how to resolve situations before they spiral out of control.

Keep more customers

Our team is highly skilled in maintaining a great customer experience through any situation. They understand the importance of building on the trust you have with customers you worked so hard to win. This kind of mind-set, training, and experience is our secret sauce for keeping more customers.

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