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Ecommerce Brand Turns to BBC Global to Drive Growth, Improve Cost-Efficiency

Myro is an ecommerce brand offering body care products made with 100 percent natural, mood-inspired scents and plant-powered formulas. Products are packaged in reusable, refillable bottles and containers. As Myro states on its website, “doing good and smelling good should be an everyday thing for every body.” As of this writing, Myro customers have collectively saved more than 30 metric tons of plastic waste.

As a growing ecommerce brand, Myro was looking to hire key personnel and optimize various areas of business operations while keeping costs under control. Myro Founder and CEO Greg Laptevsky contacted Mike Yablonowitz, President and CEO at BBC Global, to discuss possible solutions.

BBC Global’s Outsourced Customer Service and Recruiting Solutions

Myro’s initial engagement with BBC Global focused on reducing costs associated with customer service and ticket management, which were being handled by Myro’s onsite team in New York City. “Outsourcing was an intriguing option because it’s dramatically cheaper to offshore,” Laptevsky said. “This was strictly a cost-cutting measure. Customer service is now handled exactly the same with no drop off in quality. The only difference is that the customer service representatives are sitting at a desk in the Philippines instead of New York City.”

The next business need was operational and logistical support for the COO, which required the creation of the position of operations manager. In this case, Laptevsky leveraged BBC Global’s expertise and resources as a staffing agency. The BBC Global team recruited and screened candidates and performed the initial rounds of interviews before providing Myro with a short list of finalists.

The Myro team completed the interview process and hired a new operations manager, who has been in place for about one year and has exceeded expectations.

Following a similar model, BBC Global spearheaded the recruitment and screening of accounting staff. Myro had been using a fractional accounting firm but switched to outsourced accounting, which is more cost-effective.

“We Wouldn’t Be Able to Operate Without Them.”

BBC Global has touched several areas of Myro’s operations, providing essential solutions for a management position, back-office staff, and customer-facing role. All have had a direct impact on the success of the organization. BBC understands not only the customer service process, but all major systems used by e-commerce companies, such as Gorgias, Zendesk, Fosdick, and Shopify.

With a boutique management style, BBC has had the flexibility to step in as a true consulting partner and support Myro’s growth with reliable, customized staffing solutions. Myro was able to turnover many backend responsibilities to BBC without the high fees charged by other providers.

As both a staffing agency and outsourcing provider, BBC Global has proven to be a valuable resource for Myro to call upon to fill specific needs and support the overall growth of its ecommerce operation.

“Undoubtedly, Mike’s team has been super helpful,” Laptevsky said. “They’re an integral part of what we do and who we are. We’re considering expanding the relationship into other areas of the business as we grow. We wouldn’t be able to operate without them, and I appreciate their contributions to Myro’s success.”

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