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A virtual assistant can be like a swiss army knife and can instantly benefit any type of business.

Some virtual assistants are more equipped in some areas than others, but that’s where BBC Global comes in - we will match you to the most appropriate virtual assistant so you can reap the benefits you need and streamline your work process.

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What can a virtual assistant do for you?

A remote assistant can take on tasks like scheduling, client coordination, marketing plans, data entry, research, and more. Popular tasks that virtual assistants do are:

  • done Bookkeeping
  • done Customer service (email, chat, or calls)
  • done Digital marketing
  • done Business presentations
  • done Supplier and vendor coordination
  • done Lead Generation and Online research
  • done Social media management
  • done Travel arrangements

Save on costs

Outsourcing any type of service will save you money. Between the hiring, technology, and training - that is all eliminated with outsourcing.

Offload the details

A virtual assistant works right alongside the business owner, the tasks they do are critical to running a business. Make running your business easier on you by having someone at the ready for the important detail work you need to get out of your way.

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